Royal Ice Cream Shop

Royal Ice Cream Shop:

There is a special ice cream shops were open in the snow city of a girl named Kayla. The can you see odd? It is the snow city, then how could she sell the ice cream here?But, She can, because her ice creams are delicious and have the magic of love. And she proved this magic by giving this ice cream to Jack frost and Queen Elsa. This news reached a million ears of all royal families. Soon, all princes and princess including Queen Elsa were rushing to her shop. Kayla was shocked to hear this news. Now, she is in need of your help to handle this Royal Ice Cream shop. Join with Kayla, watch for the customers, listen to their needs and serve their ice cream. The task is easy. More satisfied customers will give you more money. Enjoy game Royal Ice Cream Shop.

How to play Royal Ice Cream Shop:

Use mouse to interact.

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