Princesses Now And Then

Princesses Now And Then:

We are tremendously happy that right now we can share with you all a new dress-up game with princesses such as Princesses Now And Then, a game where we've had a lot of fun with our favorite Disney characters, so why would you not be doing the same? We're sure that you will, since we know for a fact that these games for girls are always among the most popular ones we have, and this one gives you the chance to dress them up not once, but twice. Yes, you might have realized that already from the title of the game. As it suggests, you dress up each princess once for an outfit that goes in the past, one that resembles how the princesses look in their original Disney pictures, but you also get the chance to transport them into the modern world, where you give them a look that is more fitting for our times. The princesses you get to do all this fun stuff with are the Frozen sisters, Elsa and Anna, Moana from the movie with the same name, Ariel, also known as The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel from Tangled, and the one and only Snow White. For each, you start with the medieval look. The glittery dresses in different colors and shapes are going to be found on the racks to the right of each princess, from where you also select the haircut that they will wear, and you get to pick jewelry such as crowns, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. You even have a wand to give them, if you wish. Now, for the modern dress-up, the wardrobe is going to change a little bit since you will see jeans, patterned trousers, t-shirts or blouses, as well as skirts. There will be different types of purses and bags, which are accessories that were not that popular in the past. Enjoy, and have fun with this makeover game recommended to girls all over the world!

How to play Princesses Now And Then:

Use the mouse to play game

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