Pregnant Elsa Cooking Pizza

Pregnant Elsa Cooking Pizza:

Elsa is pregnant and she wanted pizza. You can help her make this cake right now? You must go to the supermarket to buy the raw materials for home made Pizza, then follow the instructions to get the tempting pizzas. Enjoy!

How to play Pregnant Elsa Cooking Pizza:

When a woman is carrying, she is eating for two so in this pregnant Elsa pizza cooking game you will notice that she is pretty far ahead with her pregnancy. Also some cravings occur during this nine month period so you better start cooking this delicious Italian pizza as fast as possible because Elsa is getting hungry. Make a list of toppings that you prefer and start placing them on the dough. Add some sauce before so they will stick to it. Keep the pizza in the oven until all the cheese is melted and that nice brown crust appears, then, by the end of this Italian cooking game, it will be ready to serve. Use mouse to play.

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