Long Hair Princess Prom

Long Hair Princess Prom:

Rapunzel, Ariel, and Elsa are among the Disney princesses with the longest and most beautiful hair out there, who are now going to prom, as they all go to the same school, and for such an important event where all the people are going to be dressed up very nice, they want to look amazing too, so you are in charge of dressing them up and making sure that is the case, helping the girls get a really fantastic look with which to impress during prom. For that, they need a whole complete makeover, so for each of the princesses, you are going to do their makeup, style their hair, and finally dress them up in a new and awesome outfit. Want to know how to do it? Then you only need to read this article to the end, which explains everything and makes the game very simple! For the makeup, you are going to apply the cosmetics at the bottom of the screen such as lipstick, glitter, eye-shadow, blush, and foundation, and you also shape the eyelashes using the brushes. In the Hair part of the game, use the brush, the scissors, the shampoo, the conditioner, and all the other tools to make the hair belong, and style it as nicely as possible for it to also look great. Finally, dress up the girls in an awesome dress, pick jewelry and accessories to elevate the look, choose a great pair of shoes to go with it, and then, if you want to play more princesses games, you know very well that we have just the best of them here, all for you!

How to play Long Hair Princess Prom:

Use the mouse to play game

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