Kristoff New Carriage

Kristoff New Carriage:

Anna and Kristoff will go to the Royal Palace to watch a football match. However, from here to the Palace was a long journey, so they need a good horse car for this trip. Kristoff had a horse car however it is very dirty and damaged. Please help Kristoff cleaning it and decorate it beautifully. First, use a large brush to clean brush land in the four wheels. Then, use the large water hose to do the wet part of the hull, use soad to clean the stains on the car body, then use the broom clean the soap bubbles, the car will gradually brighten the ball back. You use a large pink napkins to wipe dry the vehicle body frame, and use the water to wash the glass to clean the glass door is. Following the steps of cleaning the car, you help Kristoff for decorating the car has a new layout by clicking on the icons below, it will apply the right vehicle for you, if not like you can switch to the other type. It's amazing, it's like a new car. Kristoff was able to welcome Anna with this great car. Have fun!

How to play Kristoff New Carriage:

Use mouse to play this game.

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