Frozen elsa belly pain

Frozen elsa belly pain:

Elsa is very beautiful and she was born with magicl. And now she can use her magic to help others ,bring happness to people in the country .She is a very kind ,and she often invites her people to visit the castel .Last week,she invited her people to the Thanksgiving party. They ate good food and fruit,danced and sang together the whole night .But after the party ,Elsa felt very bad ,she had a belly pain .But the doctors didn't find the pathogeny until now .Her sister was very worried and she brought some high-tech and magic tools for doctors. She hoped the tools can help doctors cure her sister. But it's not easy for the doctors in that century . Girls,this is very easy for you in 21st century. So let's help her in this "Frozen Elsa Belly Pain".

How to play Frozen elsa belly pain:

Put together one of her stunning, dreamlike sheer blue royal gowns with some of her glittery crystal jewels, get her a gorgeous hairstyle, as well, some fairytale-inspired heels, too, and turn her into the most stylish beauty in room!

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