Frozen Block Party

Frozen Block Party:

It's quite a shame that we did not have Frozen: Block Party in the Frozen Games category up until now, but we are making up for lost time and bringing it over to you all right now, and we do not doubt at all that there are going to be lots of you who will play the game since we know for a fact that Frozen Games is one of the most popular categories that we have on our website, so the more games in it, the better for everyone on our website, wouldn't you think so? Well, before you start, you should certainly learn how the game works by reading this description, and only then starting the fun, because you will be better at the game, for sure! You have to help Kristoff and Sven collect the ice that they require. Drag the mouse to match the shapes, so that you break the ice blocks, and can collect them, and get points in return as well. Collect items that you find in ice blocks to shop at Oaken's. Fill up the cart with the ice that you have harvested, and remember that you get bonus points for stacking full columns. You can't cut through cracks and rocks, and ice blocks that go over the limit are going to be lost. Good luck!

How to play Frozen Block Party:

Drag your mouse to match the shapes displayed on top. Collect items in ice blocks to shop at Oaken's.

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