Elsas Roommate Revenge

Elsas Roommate Revenge:

Frozen 2's Elsa and Anna have long moved from home and now live together in a city in the same apartment. While their days are quite awesome, recently Elsa pulled a prank on her younger sister by putting ice cubes in her shoes, which made her quite mad, which is why Anna is set on revenge, so she plans on making multiple pranks on her sister, something that you are here to help within the game called Elsa's Roommate Revenge, of which we tell you more right now, to make sure that you don't have problems playing it! This is like an interactive puzzle game, where each prank is pulled by figuring out the two actions that you need to take, which you do by using the mouse to interact with everything on the screen. For example, you are going to take a toy spider and place it on the soap, so that when Elsa goes to grab it, she gets scared, and you are also going to replace her toothpaste with some black paint which will make her teeth all dirty. You are then going to put a banana peel on the ground, after which you kick the door to make Elsa fall and slip on the banana, or you put a horn under her seat so that it will make a big sound when she sits on it. You will spill water to make Elsa clean it, use the dog in one of your pranks, or enlist the help of Olaf. Figure out the right way to interact with the things before you, and make sure that you solve each level before the three minutes granted for that run out on you, or else you lose the level and have to start pranking from the start. What are you waiting for? You now know how to have fun with this terrific new Disney Frozen game, one like only here you can find, where we offer you just the best content on the internet!

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How to play Elsas Roommate Revenge:

Use the mouse to play game

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