Elsa Queen Doctor Puppy

Elsa Queen Doctor Puppy:

Elsa is a Princess there are many pets, she likes the most is the adorable puppy and she loves them, you take care of them very carefully. However the mischievous dog often made her tired. Today, we have to play with the other animals in the garden and got hurt a lot. So, Elsa must heal wounds and bathe them clean. Girls, can you help Elsa? First step is help the dog treat wounds. Look, the dog is waiting for you help it. its injury hurt hardly. You should help it clean the wounds with towels and remove the thorns. Then use the medical tools and supplies to help the dog treat the wounds. If you do not like this step you can skip it. The second step is very easy and interesting. It is a happy time and bathing the dog is very obedient now. Help the dog using the best bath lotions. Do not forget to give the dog some toys it likes, it will be very happy. The last step is helping the dog dress up. There are many stylish suits for the dog. So you can help it try them on until you like. I believe you will have a good time and you can share with your friends.

How to play Elsa Queen Doctor Puppy:

Use mouse to play this game.

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