Elsa Pretty Legs Spa

Elsa Pretty Legs Spa:

It was summer, and Elsa would like to wear short skirts to go play. Oh, no, she felt a loss of confidence by her feet looks so terrible is because there are scars and fur grows a lot. Can you help her? First, you have to use the cream helps skin soft and furry feet to scrape it off easily. Hair shaved clean after you use a little soapy water for the skin clean, then add another layer of lubricating lotion and hand to message your legs thoroughly. Next you use pliers to press the nails to press for neat nails, and nail-grinding plants use to clean contaminated soil cling on nails, And nail paint on a paint color that you like. In the end, the choice for Princess Elsa of us a dark chocolate accessories, costume and hairstyle is perfect. Now Elsa can confidently wear short skirts to her liking. Have fun!

How to play Elsa Pretty Legs Spa:

Use mouse to play this game.

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