Elsa Liposuction Surgery

Elsa Liposuction Surgery:

Recently, Elsa ate a lot of sweets to the sweet, so she was gaining weight so much, shecan't wear just the beautiful dress. So she telephoned her sister Anna, they ask for help. Anna has guided her to a beauty center to help lose weight quickly. You havehelp Elsa in this Center? Follow these step-by-step instructions. First of all, use thegrease to drain fat from the fat in the abdomen. After that, treatment of abdominalskin care to come back better. The next step, using a mixture of cream to apply to the entire body of Elsa, followed up more a type of herbal leaves, and use plastic wrap hot in 1 hour. Then, rinse and wipe dry. We do the same for the front part body Elsa. Aftera long time in the Salon Elsa back to get in shape as the original, and you get thesebeautiful dresses-finally. Have fun!

How to play Elsa Liposuction Surgery:

Use mouse to play this game.

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