Elsa’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Elsa’s Ice Bucket Challenge:

This is game Elsa’s Ice Bucket Challenge, you can play it for free game because Elsa has been waiting for this later for hours! Princess Anna just nominated her for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and since there are some ice cubes involved in this challenge she gladly accepted it and right now she’s designing the gazebo where she will deal with this troublesome challenge - can you ladies help her out? Step in getting this brand new Frozen game started and first of all,you will help Queen Elsa draw and then design the background in which she will take the challenge. You will go to next page of the game and help cute Olaf fill a bucket with cold water and don’t forget to also add some ice cubes as well in order to have together all the ingredients required by the Ice Bucket Challenge. Enjoy this game.

How to play Elsa’s Ice Bucket Challenge:

Use mouse and follow instruction in game.

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