Bead Smith Jen: Frozen

Bead Smith Jen: Frozen:

For right now, please help Jen choose accessories to create the latest Frozen-themed necklaces collection for her virtual jewellery shop. You will look look for the glittery beads, necklace lockets, sparkling stones and Frozen inspired pendants , too and once you have everything prepared move to the next page of the game and let the fun begin.  Now you careate  run free and design the perfect Frozen necklace for your little special clients! Choose the wire’s color you fancy the most and then start putting together the items you fancy the most to create your very first, unique Frozen necklace. Now that you have the accessory, why don’t you  go to the next page out the game and help our cutie pie here find a cute dress to match it up with?Enjoy this game!

How to play Bead Smith Jen: Frozen:

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