Anna Special Cheesy Pizza Pinwheels

Anna Special Cheesy Pizza Pinwheels:

It's the weekend, and today, Anna would like to devote to her sister Elsa a surprise. Anna has planned to prepare cheesy pizza pinwheels for her beloved sister Elsa. She is coming after a long time to pay Anna a visit. Be with the princess until she is done with the preparation. Can you help her? Follow the instructions faithfully. Make use of the ingredients to the maximum. Keep the kitchen neat and tidy after preparing the pizza. Complete cooking the cheesy pizza pinwheels before Elsa comes. Always, it has been her favourite. Anna is very much obliged to you for your timely help. She would be very happy if you join them for dinner. Do not reject the invitation. At the end please do decorate the pizza. Enjoy game Anna Special Cheesy Pizza Pinwheels.

How to play Anna Special Cheesy Pizza Pinwheels:

Use mouse to play.

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