Anna French Pastry Pie Crust

Anna French Pastry Pie Crust:

In this game, Anna has decided to prepare French pastry pie crust for Elsa. She is pretty sure that she will be taken aback seeing the mouth-watering pie crust. Assist the girl cooking the tasty pie crust. She desperately needs you now. Have a good time with the gorgeous girl. She will never ever forget your help. The first, take the flour and put it in the Vessel, add white sugar, add shortening, add salt, mix the ingredients. Step 2: add eggs, pour some distilled white vinegar, add some water, mix it, mix the ingredients, make the stuff using hands, put the stuff in the bowl, make the stuff using hands, put the fruit mixer in the stuff, Decorate the pie. The last paragraph is baking a cake in a short time. So you've finished French dish Pastry Pie Crust. Enjoy!

How to play Anna French Pastry Pie Crust:

Use mouse to play this game.

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